Get richer, Save time and Save energy with thiseBook Shake Your Moneymaker by Maria Bunyemen Lidköping, Sweden


We have launched our first eBook on Economy & Leadership Shake Your Moneymaker. It is written by our Author Maria Bunyemen, just like all our books. And it is for all of you

wishing to live your life richer.

Our first Children's eBook Smiling Face is now also in-store!



The art of our Artist Maria Bunyemen has been exhibited at the Castle Stockholm and in the Swedish Parliament.

In-store you can find her high-end modern digital art.

We will also make her paintings public and ready for you to buy. For now, you can enjoy looking at the Flower of Life above. 

Mr Hey Modern Digital Art by Maria Bunyemen, Lidköping Sweden

Modern Digital Art

On the wall, you see Mr. Hey. Enjoy the good, joyful vibes of gladness in your home office.

Or why not place this lovely piece of modern digital art in your living room for others to see as well. 

Our Modern Digital Art will spark up any room and space you wish to place it in. 

                              No matter your profession, whether you are a leader, economist, or building constructor, waitress, or still in school, you will find our books helpful in:

getting a better economy

leading yourself to achieve your goals and realize your dreams

✔ live your life richer

✔ live your life the way you want to live

✔ leading yourself with our tools to do things more your way

                                 With or without prior skills in any of the topics Economy & Leadership, you will enjoy reading our books and learn how to use valuable tools to raise profits in your life.

                             Right now we have one book on Economy & Leadership - and more are on the way. We also have a children's book with a powerful message to children of all ages, even grown-up ones. 

                                    Hanging up our art, or placing it somewhere you like, will make you happy for sure every time.  The great emotions that our art will make you feel, will help you to:

lift your spirit instantly, shifting your mood into pleasant feelings

✔ feel happy, joyful, playful, and other great emotions

✔ add unique interior decor to your home or office

✔ enjoy spending time philosophizing about the art and its messages

                            ✔ help you level in life using the good emotions you start to feel and channel them into reaching your goals

✔ treat your eyes and soul with the beauty of the art

✔ shine up your home, work, and life

All in all:  We offer you great words and pictures that help you move in your desired directions! Books & Art that you can enjoy and learn from. Writing & Pencil strokes that make you happy, and help you spark up good things for you in your life. That is what you will find here.

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eBooks on Economy & Leadership

Our books are mainly within the genre

of Economy & Leadership for anyone

without prior knowledge to the topics to be able to enjoy & learn from. 


If you love strong, powerful art to bling on your walls then you are in the right store. 

Children's books

We are proud to present our first Children's book: Smiling Face. Get it today and find out what Karen's                                 father has taught her.  

Modern Digital Art

We have some pretty awesome Modern Digital Art for you to download and play with. Change the size and either print it yourself or at a printing shop, choosing different paper quality, etc depending on the look you want to achieve.

Joyride Publishing & Art Design for you to read,

look, enjoy & get enriched by.

We are a publishing & art firm, situated in the beautiful city Lidköping by the lake Vänern in Sweden. We sell the art, and publish the books written by our CEO, Author and Artist Maria Bunyemen. 

As part of the Marias Golden Eagle Group AB, we are all about value optimization. Our books & art will bring you the roadmaps and beauty you need to spark things up in your life and home, for yourself and the once you love.

Our eBooks are mostly about Economy & Leadership, ready to help you excel in your economic and leadership skills. Our Children's books are all about joy and gladness, helping children all age to find their inner leaders and boost their self-esteem and confidence.

Within the Marias Golden Eagle Group AB, we are four players of value optimization. And two of our co-firms are operating specifically within the Economic and Leadership fields. We are glad to connect you with both, or either one of them:

If you are looking for: a Consulting firm ready to help you with Economic Insights through Surveys, Economic estimations, and Market analyses then you can pay a visit to our co-firm within the group: GMAConsulting.

If you are in need of: an Executive Leadership Coach and are an Executive or other high ranked Leader in need of powerful Leadership Coaching then the iAO is what you need. Apply and book your single sessions or full Leadership Coaching Program at our co-firm and get coached directly by Maria Bunyemen at the iAO intelligence by Asterios treasury Optimization.

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We are happy to have you visiting our House of Communication! Thank you for shopping with us. And if you are new here: be sure to get our books & art and make its messages shine up your home and life. 

Joyride Publishing & Art Design


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