Maria Bunyemen

Artist • Author • Economist • Executive Leadership Coach • CEO & Founder of Marias Golden Eagle Group AB

Maria Bunyemen is a true Entrepreneur, she started her first business as a 7-year-old, handcrafting jewelry and granting all the profits to other children in need!

Since then she has graduated with a Masters Degree in Science in Economics, lived and worked internationally such as in California, Toronto, and in Stockholm.

Some of her work experiences come from working with the Swedish Economic Policies, the State Budget, and the Treasury Committee in the Swedish Parliament.

And some from working with International Relations, as well as from family businesses ranging from her first Market Analyses firm to family Restaurants. 

No goal is too small, and no mountain too high. She knows how to shake herself to move and access her true treasures, how to use them wisely, and how to make them work for her.

And now she is the founder, CEO  & Star Economist of Marias Golden Eagle Group AB, where we, Joyride Publishing & Art Design, are proud to fit in as one of four firms within the group, and through which she has published her first book "Shake Your Moneymaker", and her first Childrens Book "Smiling Face". In both, she shares some of her advice and knowledge with you! 

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