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‘Shake Your Moneymaker’ by Maria Bunyemen Reveals Five
Secrets to Riches by Doing Things One’s Own Way


(October 5, 2020) – Anyone looking to further their fortunes, increase revenue and find success will love the five powerful steps presented by Maria Bunyemen in ‘Shake Your Moneymaker: Five Steps to Get Richer with Life’. By investing in oneself and following these five principles, readers will not only save their precious time and energy, but also learn to do things their own way and discover success.

Many have made the mistake of jumping into doing business without first investing in themselves. Yet another mistake is to do things the way others have told them, rather than following their own preferences. Maria Bunyemen steers clear of these common pitfalls, and goes straight to what matters the most to start living a richer life.

‘Shake Your Moneymaker’ presents five valuable steps that will take the readers into both new and familiar ways. The end result will surprise readers at what they are capable of doing. Requiring no prior skills and abilities in either leadership or economics, the methods will help readers discover their personal strengths, give them the confidence of being themselves, and thus be able to optimize everything around so that the good things can happen just as expected.

"The common advice given is, ‘Go with the flow’. I say, ‘Go in your flow’ and save your time. This way you will see more of you and your rich life unfold for you, by you! Allow yourself to live your life the way it is intended for you to be: rich and prosperous,” says Maria Bunyemen.

Among other things, readers will find out how to:

  • Get a better economy
  • Start to lead in their life, their way
  • Increase wealth
  • Increase your self-awareness and boost self-confidence
  • Save time and energy
  • Live life the way one dreams of

The eBook also contains some engaging questions and exercises meant to make readers discover the positive qualities about themselves. This personal knowledge will equip them to optimize themselves and generate wealth by saving time and valuable energy.

Maria Bunyemen is an entrepreneur, and the Founder, CEO & Star Economist of the Marias Golden Eagle Group AB. She holds a Masters in Science in Economics, and has worked in places like California, Toronto and Stockholm. Her career highlights include international relations, and working with Swedish Economic Policies, the State Budget, and the Treasury Committee in the Swedish Parliament. Maria is the founder of Joyride Publishing & Art Design, a Swedish based Publishing & Art firm.

‘Shake Your Moneymaker: Five Steps to Get Richer with Life’ is available with attractive discounts on its official site with instant and free delivery:!/products/symm


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