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Maria Bunyemen is not only the founder of Joyride Publishing & Art Design but also it's CEO, Author & Artist. Read more...

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In February 2020 we opened up the door to our House of Communication, online from Sweden; Joyride Publishing & Art Design. As part of the Golden Eagle Group AB, founded by Maria Bunyemen, we are one of four value optimization players on the global markets. 

Maria Bunyemen loves to paint and write. "It is like breathing the most wonderful air there is to me," she says. Besides enjoying communicating with all of us, she wanted to share her unique knowledge of Economy & Leadership both through books, and also colorful art.

Being aware of and knowing the power of her communication skills, she opened up the doors this way to let others in on some of her knowledge, skills and gained insights and life experiences through these two forms of expression.

"I often got to hear that what I would tell, or write, or paint was new to others, or unique, powerful, and very appreciated. That it helped others lead themselves, and also lifted their spirit. One time an old colleague literally said that one of my paintings that she saw on social media that morning saved her morning and entire day as it made her glad and lifted her spirit after a tough start that day", Maria Bunyemen continues.

Stories like that and the fact that many have been wanting

to buy or pre-order her art, along with many other

happenings made Maria Bunyemen take the steps to start

her own publishing firm where also some of her art,

previously only sometimes shared on social media or

displayed on the walls of for example the Castle Stockholm,

now is finally public for others to buy and pride their walls


Her book "Shake Your Moneymaker" is the first one we published. Since then we have also placed her Children's Book "Smiling Face" in our product catalog.

Besides books, you can find Modern Digital Art in our online Book & Art Shop, ready to be delivered instantly and printed by our customers, according to our terms of use and trade, for them to hang these on their walls, in their office or home office. 

Currently, Maria Bunyemen is writing on an upcoming eBook on Economy & Leadership, that will both be a follow up to "Shake Your Moneymaker" while also stand on its own.

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